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Canvas Information

What are photoWOW canvases made from?

Do you laminate the canvases?

Gloss or Matte finish?

Are the canvases ready to hang?

How are the canvases stretched?

Do you do custom sizes?

Do you do any bulk deals for artists or studios?


What carrier is used for shipping?

How do I track my parcel?

Can I get Free Shipping?


Payment options


Damaged canvas

Issues with the canvas editor and uploader.

There's dust on my canvas!

Photo and Image Questions

What is the best size for a photo or image?

Resizing an image

Photo Special Effects

What do the Photo Special Effects do?

Isn't this something I can do myself?

My photo is already great. Why would I want to 'Add the WOW'?

IMPORTANT: photoWOW Terms of Service

Photo Special Effects: Terms of Service

Creating a custom canvas: Terms of Service