Choosing the best image for your canvas print.


If you're like me, then you have a mountain of photos that you've taken over the years. Not all of them are great but there are a few that hold extra meaning or simply make you smile when you see them

We've put together a list of types of photos that may help you to decide on which one to choose for your next canvas print.

The 'formal' photo

The formal photo is a great way to remember a special time

People all lined up, asked to say 'cheese' and have their best photo-ready faces on. Not the most exciting of photos, yet at least there's a good chance that everyone is in the photo and aware that a photo is being taken. Great when you want to remember an occasion and the people who were involved.

The 'candid' photo

Candid photos make amazing prints

Probably the opposite of the formal photo is the candid or unprepared photo. These images will often be the ones that bring back a strong memory of what happened on the day and, at the very least, they are a great conversation starter when someone asks about it.

The 'happy' photo

Canvas prints that make you happy are worth their weight in gold!

The happy photo is simple - you see it, it makes you happy. If seeing the photo on a 'not so great' day brings a smile to your face, then it's probably worth its weight in gold.

The 'remembrance' photo

Canvas prints are a great way to remember a loved one

We've all lost family, friends and pets. We can always make a small tribute to these people (and animals) with a remembrance canvas. True, it might be hard to remember that they're gone, but that's far better than forgetting that they even existed.

The 'best' photo

That perfect image makes a great canvas print

We've all got a 'best' photo. This is the image where all the moons aligned when you hit the shutter on the camera and gave you the result that makes you say 'wow, how good a photographer am I?', conveniently forgetting the 10,000 terrible photos prior to this one.  

The 'silly or strange' photo

Fun photos make great conversation starters

One friend putting an ice-cream into the face of another friend, or the dog making a girlfriend out of your favourite football. Similar to the candid image, this photo will just make you laugh or maybe make someone wonder why you've turned it into a canvas print. Either way, it'll make a great talking point at your next get-together. 

The 'motivational' photo

Images that morivate you make great canvas prints

Sunsets, beach scenes or family photos - we are all motivated by different things. This photo will get you moving toward a goal or help you to remember that life isn't easy, but the people and rewards are worth working hard for.

The 'one'

You've found 'the one'. Now it's time to turn it into a print.

You may have already made your decision. It's a photo that you just know will make a great canvas print. We won't try to dissuade you from your decision - go with your gut.

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