Laminated canvas photo prints are available in a Gloss or Matte finish at photoWOW Australia

Lamination is very important for your canvas print. If you want your print to last,
it's certainly better paying a little more to buy something that you can display for a long time.

Be aware that not all canvas print businesses add lamination, which means that your print
may begin to fade in as little as a year! Replacing a print will cost you money.

  • Extends the natural life of your canvas print
  • Adds to the brightness of the print
  • Gives the print UV and Water protection
  • Helps to protect the print against scratches
  • Helps to prevent marks from fingerprints and dirty fingers

At photoWOW, lamination is not only included, but we don't charge anything extra for it. It's added for FREE! The reason for this is that we genuinely want you to purchase a print that you will be happy with and one that will last, that you can continue to display on your walls for a long time to come.

Keep in mind that a lot of other canvas print businesses don't laminate their canvases. Not all though - there are still a good number that prefer to build their business around the quality of the product rather than the volume that they can sell.

So, how do you know if a business laminates their canvas prints? Simply, they'll let you know - they will advertise that their prints are laminated. The ones who don't mention lamination, well, they don't include it. You can always send them a message and ask to confirm this. 

Believe it or not, paying a little more for a quality, laminated canvas will save you money over time!
A laminated canvas will last well over 10 years - in that time, cheap prints will have been replaced many times over.

At photoWOW, you also have the choice between Gloss and Matte laminates. Though they are fairly similar, there are a few differences. You can find some more information about the laminate we use as well as some advice on which to use here.

$20 Flat-rate shipping per order


All canvases are stretched and ready to hang | photoWO


Hand-stretched canvas prints, mounted on a solid pine frame and ready to hang

Canvases are laminated for protection against UV, scratches and water | photoWOW


Each print is finished with a liquid laminate, in either a gloss or matte finish, which protects against scratches and finger prints while also providing UV and water protection

Canvases are backed with framing tape to protect your walls from scratches | photoWOW


Each print is backed with framing tape to protect your walls against scratches from staples or the print itself and is ready to hang

All canvases are packaged to ensure perfect delivery | photoWOW


Each print is protected by sturdy packaging, giving it the best chance of arriving in perfect condition

Quality materials used to give you a beautiful canvas print | photoWOW


At photoWOW, we aim to give you the quality you expect. We use quality inks, a name-brand canvas and sturdy frames for each print

We are an Australian-based business shipping from Victoria for one flat-rate cost | photoWOW


Each order is made and sent from Victoria to you, Australia-wide and our $20 flat-rate shipping means that there are no shipping cost surprises